Why vote Resa Barillas for AESD Governing Board?

Resa is the parent of an Adelanto Elementary School District student and Columbia's School Site Council Vice President. As the parent of a student in the district, she gets to see what our students experience day to day and hopes to use these insights to better support their needs.

She is endorsed by the Adelanto District Teachers Association (the AESD teacher's union), San Bernardino County Democratic Central Committee, Inland Empire Labor Council, and more. A former UFCW 400 shop steward, she is a champion for well-paid, local jobs and knows that high-quality schools bring high-quality jobs home to our community (and reduce commutes for our families!).

More importantly, she looks forward to working with teachers, staff, and the district to engage in timely, good-faith contract negotiations to ensure that our teachers & staff are paid competitively. Without competitive pay, AESD cannot reduce our oversized classrooms, so campus worker compensation is a key priority for Resa.

Resa is endorsed by
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