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What Supporters Are Saying

Resa is one of the fiercest advocates I know. Her passion for improving the educational systems around us gave many of our peers the motivational push to become the advocates pushing for accountability with our educational leaders. AESD would be lucky to have her astute insight to provide an equitable education to all of students within the district.

Lance Kwan

Ohlone Community College Trustee

Resa is full of tenacity, courage, and determination. To quote a particular Brooklyn transplant living in Vermont, she does not “tolerate [bs] terribly well” and works hard to create spaces welcoming to the many, not the few. Resa will stick to her principles while hearing everyone out in the room. She will serve the students, education workers, and working families of Adelanto Elementary School District incredibly well.

Zac Goldstein

There is nobody with a bigger heart, passion, and vision for serving her community than Resa. I know this from years of experience working with Resa in various capacities. She has been a mentor and guide to anyone whose ever crossed paths with her, and she's undoubtedly going to be just as incredible of a champion for the community on school board. I am proud to endorse Resa for AESD School board!

Parshan Khosravi

California Policy Director, uAspire

I am lucky enough to work with Resa. She is passionate, intelligent, savvy, and a dedicated mother and community organizer. She will be an effective and inspired School Board Trustee.

Ainslie Faust

Administrative Assistant, EnviroVoters

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